Monday, June 2, 2008

La Jolla Beach

Whether I am meditating for pain management, centering, peace, or simply to practice meditation, when I do so at the beach I always feel instantly connected to the Universe. My father lives near Laguna Nigel, Aliso Park Beach, and some other amazing spots. These pictures were taken on my most recent visit to S. CA at La Jolla Beach. Probably one of my favorite spots ever.

When I'm not on the beach I can still find it's peace and connection by visualizing the pounding of the waves. I visualize my pain soaking into the grains of sand where it's neutralized and floats out to sea to become a viable and useful part of the universe, and to leave my body. The scent of the oceanside plants and the taste of salty air soothes me as does the cool ocean breeze which I can feel gently caress my skin even in the heat of Arizona. I feel my body relaxing with the pound of each wave vibrating through the soft sands of La Jolla as I revisit it in my mind.

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